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The documents I am looking for are from 1926 and were issued by the RailRoad Commision which subsequently became the CPUC. 


The document is RO 17824 dated 12/30/1926 . The Railroad commission ultimately became the CPUC, and this document was created to transfer the water assets from PG&E to Nevada Irrigation District. I have a copy of the original document and exhibit B, but Nevada Irrigation District staff have been unable to locate Exhibit C which if referred to in the RO 17824 document. It was suggested by the Chairman of the Board Nick Wilcox that I contact the CPUC as it was felt likely that they have a copy of this Rail Road Order, and have a copy of the missing Exhibit C.


I would anticipate that there is a function within the CPUC that takes care of such historical records and it would be great to find a contact who can further assist


November 28, 2018 via email


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