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Dear CPUC, Please provide me with the following documents : 

1- The document(s) that state what ANSI Standard that  is applicable to remanufactured analog meters being used in the opt-out programs by Utilities in  various municipalities throughout California like PG&E, SMUD and SDGE for instance.What is the ANSI standard being used.

2- The document that states what  the sealing requirement of the CPUC for the  utility meter to gain approval for utility meter on residence in the State of California

3- The document(s) that state exactly what all the requirements are  that need to be met to gain CPUC approval of a specific  utility meter to be  used for a residence within the state of California. 

 4- The document(s) that address any specific requirements relating to CPUC approval of  refurbished/remanufactured analog meters intended for use on residential homes  within the state of California.

5- The document(s) that shows what analog meters, new and refurbished/remanufactured,  that have been approved for use on residential homes in the state of California. 

                 Thank you for your time and consideration, Steve Romine


December 30, 2018 via web


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