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This request relates to various documents referenced in footnotes to the Safety and Enforcement Division's Report on the October 2017 Fire Siege, dated June 13, 2019 (SED Report). Please provide a copy of the following documents referenced in the report:

1. PG&E Electric Transmission Preventive Maintenance Manual. Publication Date: 5/12/16. Rev: 03. Bates PGE‐CAMP‐CPUC‐0000002535. (Footnote 24 to SED Report)

2. Bates PGE‐CPUC_00005827_CONFIDENTIAL. Utility Standard TD‐7102S. Publication Date: 9/4/15. Rev 1. (Footnote 25 to SED Report)

3. Bates PGE‐CPUC_00006008_CONFIDENTIAL. Utility Standard TD‐7103S. Publication Date: 10/1/16. Rev 2. (Footnote 26 to SED          Report)

4. Bates PGE‐CPUC_DR‐071918_General_Q04. PG&E Pre‐Inspection contract specification. Section 3.2. (Footnote 29 to SED Report)

5. Bates PGE‐CPUC_00005452_CONFIDENTIAL. (Footnote 31 to SED Report)

6. Bates PGE‐CPUC_DR‐10192018_Common_Q02. (Footnote 40 to SED Report)

7. Bates PGE‐CPUC_DR‐071918_General_Q04. PG&E Pre‐Inspection contract specification. (Footnote 42 to SED Report)

8. Bates PGE‐CPUC_00022752. PG&E Utility Standard: TD‐1464S. Published 5/15/17, Rev 2. (Footnote 45 to SED Report)

9. Bates PGE‐CPUC_00022773. PG&E Utility Bulletin: TD‐1464B‐001. Published 2/15/17, Rev 0. (Footnote 46 to SED Report)

10. Bates PGE‐CPUC_00022397. PG&E Distribution Protection Handbook. (Footnote 47 to SED Report)




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