Request #19-445

To the Public Records Act coordinators for the CPUC:

Decision 14-08-011 (California Water Service Co.) is posted on the CPUC website, however the posted version is incomplete:

When I visited the website on September 16, 2019, the links to Exhibits A and B worked, but the links to Exhibits C through G do not work and I cannot view them.  I am especially interested in Exhibit G. 

Here is the bad link to Exhibit G to try for yourself:

Pursuant to the Public Records Act, Government Code sec. 6250, et seq., I wish to learn how I can view Exhibits C through G at your San Francisco office.  I also wish to know how I could otherwise obtain these exhibits that are present inaccessible through bad links on your website, including the costs, if any.   I would like to know specifically how I can obtain Exhibit G.

Furthermore, pursuant to the Public Records Act, I request the assistance of the CPUC in locating documents concerning the "cross-connection" or "cross connection" program referred to in Decision 14-08-011.


Jason Bezis


September 16, 2019 via web


Legal -- Public Records Act





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