Request #19-453


Yesterday, I issued a records request relating to PG&E and Northstar, #19-449. I would like to clarify the request (clarifications are in bold), such that it instead states:


(1) Any contracts between the CPUC and NorthStar Consulting Group relating to the CPUC's Safety and Enforcement Division's assessment of PG&E's safety culture in 2016 and 2017;

(2) Any communications regarding NorthStar's investigation into PG&E's safety culture (including any discussion of PG&E Board meetings in which NorthStar attended or was scheduled to attend on behalf of the CPUC Safety and Enforcement Division) between any agent, officer, or employee of the following:

A. The CPUC and PG&E

B. The CPUC and NorthStar

C. PG&E and NorthStar

(3) Any calendar entries of any CPUC Commissioner and of any member of their staff showing meetings with either PG&E or NorthStar about PG&E's safety culture;

(4) Any documents regarding NorthStar's attendance of PG&E's Board meetings on behalf of the CPUC Safety and Enforcement Division, including:

A. Any directions or guidance from the CPUC to NorthStar regarding NorthStar's participation in upcoming PG&E Board meetings (upcoming as of the date and time such directions or guidance was issued);

B. Any contemporaneous notes taken, or any such writings made, by NorthStar during PG&E Board meetings;

C. Any other writings by NorthStar explaining what happened at PG&E Board meetings in which NorthStar was in attendance;

D. Any writings showing how many PG&E Board meetings NorthStar attended on behalf of the CPUC and when these Board meetings occurred.

(5) Any other documents provided to the CPUC by NorthStar relating to its PG&E safety culture investigation, including but not limited to any work product and any notes of meetings;


Thank you. Please include Michael Aguirre ( in your response. Please treat this communication and Request #14-449 as one records request.


September 18, 2019 via web


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