Request #19-462

We request the following under the California Public Records Act:

  • Full and unredacted copies of Exhibit SCE-03 and Exhibit SCE-05 to the Joint Application of Southern California Edison Company and San Diego Gas & Electric Company for the 2018 Nuclear Decommissioning Cost Triennial Proceeding (Application No. 18-03-009), filed on March 15, 2018.

Our request encompasses all sub-exhibits and attachments to each exhibit.

We understand that Exhibit SCE-03 is a document titled “Testimony on the 2017 Decommissioning Cost Estimate for SONGS 2 & 3” and generally consists of the following: 

  • written testimony of Jose L. Perez and Nicholas Capik;
  • Appendices A – E; and
  • Tables II-1, IV-2, IV-3, IV-4, IV-5, IV-6, and IV-7.

We understand that Exhibit SCE-05 is a document titled “Testimony on the Reasonableness of the SONGS 2 & 3 Nuclear Decommissioning Activities and Costs Incurred During 2016-2017” and generally consists of the following:

  • written testimony of Lou Bosch;
  • Appendices A – D (including Appendix B, Report of the Independent Observer Accion Group and Attachment B [August 3, 2016 Final TOC Adjustments], Attachment C [meeting attendance list], and Attachment D [IO observations on individual meetings]); and
  • Tables I-1, III-2, IV-3, IV-4, V-5, V-6, V-7, V-8, V-9, and V-10.

We make this request under the California Public Records Act, Cal. Gov. Code § 6250 et seq., on behalf of SONGS Decommissioning Solutions.  Consistent with Gov. Code § 6253(c), we ask for a response to this request within ten calendar days of your receipt of it.  Please provide responsive materials in electronic format, via email, to  If you cannot provide responsive materials via email, please contact me to discuss alternatives.  If the document is not provided as requested, please identify the exemption or other authority upon which the CPUC bases its decision not to provide the document.


September 23, 2019 via web


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