Request #19-5

To the Public Records Division of the CPUC:

 This office today submitted two Public Records Act requests to the California Public Utilities

Commission, ("CPUC"), through the CPUC's records request website link:

 The submission confirmations are attached. In the past, we have had trouble with CPUC's PRA

request website. In an abundance of caution, this letter requests the same records.

 Please provide copies of all tariffs, both rate tariffs and rules & regulations tariffs, for the below oil pipelines and periods:


Crimson California Pipeline (PLC-26)

Period: 2015 to present

Current Rate Tariff: CPUC No. 204.1

Current Rules & Regulations Tariff: CPUC No. 200


San Pablo Bay Pipeline

Period: 2011 to present

Current Rate Tariff: CPUC No. 2.7.0

Current Rules & Regulations Tariff: CPUC No. 1.2.0

The current tariff numbers are provided for your convenience. This request seeks copies of these current tariffs, and any historical tariffs for the period requested.


This is a formal request, pursuant to the California Public Records Act, Government Code §6250 et seq., that the CPUC produce the requested tariff records. If CPUC contends that it is exempt from compliance, in whole or in part, please produce any reasonably segregable portion of the record and identify the claimed exemption. Government Code §§6253(a), 6255.   The Act requires production of the requested documents, or notification of denial, within 10 days of this request. Government Code §6253.


Our Federal Express account number is provided in the attached prior requests for transmission of the records. Any copying costs will be reimbursed, upon request, in accordance with the Act.


January 2, 2019 via email


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The Commission provided all responsive documents.

January 17, 2019, 9:30am
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January 2, 2019, 3:39pm
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