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I would like to have access to the same documents provided in Request 16-146:

"I would like to request three filings from the docket in R.99-10-025.  Specifically, please provide the compliance filings that PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E each filed in R.99-10-025 on May 13, 2003.  These filings are labeled with the following descriptions on the online docket page for R.99-10-025: SDG&E's compliance filing is described as "pursuant to Decision 03-02-068"; PG&E's compliance filing is described as "Pursuant to D03-02-068 concerning incorporation of distributed generation in distribution system planning"; SCE's compliance filing is described as "Proposed methodology and model contract for evaluating distributed generation as a distribution alternative.""


April 30, 2020 via web


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